casino maxi mobile tempobet yeni adresi casino metropol 台中市私立華盛頓雙語小學
Int. G1 ~ G6
Int. G1
導  師: 洪怡婷 Ms. Arene Hung
經  歷: 文藻外語大學外語教學系學士
教學理念: Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
Int. G2
導  師: 黃立綱 Mr. Greg
經  歷: B.S., Chemistry Science, National Chung Cheng University
M.A.T., TESL, Carson Newman University
Certified Teacher in Tennessee, USA
教學理念: Mr. Greg came to W.E.S. with 10 years’ experience in teaching. A well-traveled and experienced educator, Mr. Greg began his teaching career in Chia-Yi city when he was a sophomore in his university, found even more adventure while teaching for one and half years in the United States. He has taught students from 1st grade to 12th grade. Mr. Greg said, “Teaching is a demanding job, which comes with the great rewards from the smiles and growth of the students.” Mr. Greg is looking forward to provide his sixth grade students a growing, exciting, and eventful year at W.E.S.!
Int. G3
導  師: 郭景瀚 Mr. Kent Kuo
經  歷: 中國文化大學 新聞學系畢業
何嘉仁菁英美語 專任美語教師
教學理念: All children are unique and have their own potential that they can bring to their education. I, as a teacher, will assist my students to express themselves, and accept who they really are, as well embrace the differences of others with a big heart.
Int. G4
導  師: 張圓圓 Ms. Jessy Chang
經  歷: 華盛頓雙語小學ESL老師
優良事績: 指導學生參加劍橋考試通過 初級、中級、高級、KET和 PET等級
指導學生參加朗讀比賽 ESL 3 第2名
指導學生參加朗讀比賽 ESL 6 第2名
指導學生參加班級英語聖誕歌唱比賽 ESL 2 最佳台風
教學理念: Displaying positive, respectful behavior in the classroom is so important for my students to do every day. Positive motivation strategies are essential to have students be excited about learning and behaving well every day. Students will have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and will be rewarded if they have excellent behavior. my educational teaching philosophy has an emphasis on compassion and respect in the classroom with a positive can-do environment, which creates an incredible learning atmosphere for every child in the class.
Int. G5
導  師: 蕭雅妮 Janey Hsiao
經  歷:

Aletheia University Bachelor of Art in Applied Foreign Language

Washington Educational Organization E. S. L. Teacher 3.5 years
Washington Educational Organization the Supervisor of Hei-wen Campus 6 years
Washington Bilingual Elementary School E. S. L. Teacher 8 years
Washington Bilingual Elementary School International Preparatory Studies Homeroom Teacher 2 years

優良事績: 2017華盛頓盃英語演講比賽 中年級組優勝
2016華盛頓盃英語演講比賽 低年級組 冠軍/優勝
台中市104學年度國小英語歌謠比賽 乙組第二名
台中市104學年度國民小學英語說故事比賽 乙組第三名
台中市103學年度國小學生英語歌謠比賽 乙組第二名
台中市101學年度國小英語歌謠比賽 乙組第一名
台中市100年度國小學生英語歌謠比賽 乙組第三名
教學理念: 引發孩子學習英語的興趣,建立孩子獨立自學能力
My objective as a teacher is to motivate my students toward a level of independence where they develop a desire to learn and think for themselves.
Int. G6
導  師: 曾立葶 Lydia Tseng
經  歷:

2011-2019 Senior Instructor- Mandeville Conservatory of Music (Singapore)
2009 桃園市立西門國小音樂班代理術科導師
2020- 臺中市私立華盛頓小學教師

優良事績: 2010 教師指導獎- 耕心文化協會
2017 & 2019 Awarded Excellence in Teaching (Mandeville, Singapore)
教學理念: I believe that all children are unique and have something special that they can bring to their own education. I will assist my students to express themselves and accept themselves for who they are, as well embrace the differences of others.